Dear Friends and Colleagues;

I am writing you this letter in an effort to get some help with the sponsorship for PPETS INC.  (Professional Pet Executive Transportation Services INC).  AVWD LTD has recently purchased a vehicle and had it certified and set up for Pet transportation. Presently AVWD LTD. Is the one leading the charge and we will continue to do so until PPETS can stand alone. Therefore in order to help all the animals in need we are requesting your assistance.

We have structured PPETS  in order to offer transportation Services in a crisis situation or to aid pet owners when transportation to a Veterinarian is needed.  Being born outside at -30 degrees when you have just been in womb for 2.5 months is extremely hard on these animals. (See the article below of what does occur in our communities)

Two puppies were found abandoned in a parking lot in Calgary on Nov. 30. Calgary Humane Society

“The abandonment of six-week-old puppies in freezing temperatures is not only a callous act but frankly, a criminal one,” senior manager of animal cruelty investigations, Brad Nichols said in a release. “The age of the puppies and the low temperatures of the day could have had a catastrophic outcome had they not been found so quickly and turned in.”                                                                     

Once rescued, they reward you by being the most loving pets of all time and I would not even think of purchasing a dog or a cat from a breeder today,  but rather adopt from a rescue.  

The cost of running this service per year is in the 50 to 75k per vehicle.

Presently I am personally transporting the animals.  All of the rescues use volunteers in order to transport the animals. Our idea was to have this vehicle set up professionally for pet  transport.  The PPETS vehicle is a repurposed ambulance and costs more to operate than personal vehicles. This truck can carry many more animals than your standard vehicle. It is safer, more humane, temperature controlled and vented. See below.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and we offer the following.

Platinum sponsorship: For $1000.00 we can add your name to our web site and a link to your web site and your support to PPETS will be mentioned on our Facebook page. Your name will be put on the ambulance. We will also add your logo to the side of the vehicle.

Gold sponsorship is $750.00 and we can add your name to our web site and a link to your web site as well as Facebook and other qualified social media firs + your corporate name on the ambulance.

Silver sponsorship is $500.00 we can add your name to our web site and a link to your web site as well as PPETS in Facebook.

For amounts larger than $1000.00 please contact our offices for opportunities that are available. More vehicles, other items, fuel sponsorship, repair sponsorship and outfitting the interiors of the ambulances.

This sponsorship is a 100% tax deduction, so a total right off for you and your company. We will provide you with an invoice for advertising in the amount of your donation.

Thank you in advance for considering your personal and corporate support of this valuable service by PPETS. Please call or email me with  any questions or clarification. Merry Christmas to all and especially to the animals we will be helping.

Ron Steppacher